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"What's happening in BCPS"


"If not now, when?  If not us, who? " - Hillel
It's Our Time

Awesome Olsen Parents,

WELCOME to the 2013-2014 school year. It is difficult to believe that we're beginning another new school year filled with unlimited possibilities for our awesome students.  Holding to our motto, "It's Our Time," our incredible teachers and staff strongly believe and strive daily to accomplish our mission:  Excellence for Every Child, Every Day.

Further, we cannot make excellence happen in the lives of our children without the phenomenal support of our parents who sacrifice daily to empower their child to be the best he/she can be. Our teachers, staff, students, parents and community are the heartbeat of AWESOME Olsen Middle School!

As we begin the year anew, I encourage you to ensure that your child takes full advantage of every opportunity possible to be the very BEST he or she can be because our mission goes well beyond preparing students for a test.

We are committed to prepare your child to meet or exceed the increasing academic requirements to be successful in high school and beyond. Our children have the remarkable ability to accomplish any goal they set for themselves; it just takes great focus, determination, and hard work!  

I challenge our children to work harder than they ever have before because they are working to become all they were meant to be: EXCELLENT, AWESOME, GREAT, MAGNIFICIENT!

Additional tips for Success:

1.  If your child is assigned to tutorial, please ensure that he/she attends. Math and Literacy Tutoring is offered through the school year to support student success. Please contact Ms Walls, Reading Coach, for additional inquiries at 754-323-3800.

2.  Please check your child's agenda each night. Your child should be recording his/her daily assignments and you will be able to see upcoming test/quizzes/assignments as well as any notes from the teacher.

3.  Please email your child's teachers to keep your finger on the pulse of your child's progress. Contact our office to obtain teacher email addresses (754)323-3800.  Additionally, teacher email addresses are also listed on our school website:

4.  Please check pinnacle to view your child's grades, attendance, and tardies at:

5.  Your child should be completing 20/20/20 learning plans every night in addition to his/her daily homework assignments.

6.  Your child should also be reading a minimum of 20-30 minutes each night and completing the Reading Across Broward Reading Log. The only way to improve reading is to read, read, read!


Committed to Excellence,
Mrs. Thomas





SMART Summer Math & Reading Tutorials



Summer Food Service programs

Broward County Public Schools Summer Programs

The District has launched a new Summer Programs Online Resource, which provides information about summer programs and camps, including academic enrichment programs and school camps. Plan now for a summer filled with adventure, learning and friendships. Visit the new BCPS Summer Programs Online Resource at



Dress for Success

The way we dress influences our attitude towards what we are doing.  We expect our students to dress for school in a manner appropriate to creating an appropriate learning environment.  Students are encouraged to take pride in their appearance and groom themselves neatly in clothing that is clean, attractive, and appropriate for school. 

Inappropriate items include but are not limited to: hats, halter-tops, midriff tops, mini-skirts, mini-dresses, all stretch form-fitting pants, such as leggings, bike attire, sweatbands/headbands, spiked/studded belts and bracelets, and items that create a distraction to the learning environment.  Additionally, shorts must be walking shorts, Bermuda shorts, or culottes, which are not shorter than mid-thigh, and must be hemmed.  Specifically, all shorts must be mid-thigh or longer. No sagging pants will be accepted.


A Word About Our Sponsors

All advertising is approved by Broward County and these businesses are investing in order to assist our schools financial needs.  If you patron these businesses, please let them know that you have done so because you saw their ad on your school site! :) 

If you are interested in advertising on our site, go to where you can submit your ad for approval.

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Student Registration

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No Shots, No School, No Kidding—Your child may not begin school without the required immunizations.




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