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Camp Excellence

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Summer Learning

Our Mission at Olsen Middle School is to offer an academic program of depth by supporting students as they develop into a community of lifelong learners working together to become college, technology, and career ready providing a nurturing environment where academic and personal excellence can be achieved.


Reading is Fundamental. Experts agree that children who read during the summer gain reading skills, while those who do not often slide backward. Read this article for more information. 


Our 2015 Summer Reading is WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? See your summer learning assignment for details on how to obtain the free online book or purchase a new or used copy.


6TH Grade Summer Learning Packet Click here

7TH Grade Summer Learning Packet Click here

8TH Grade Summer Learning Packet Click here



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Guidance Fun Summer Tips

A family vacation is a perfect opportunity to create a trip scrapbook that will be a lasting souvenir of family adventures. Collect postcards, brochures and menus from restaurants and tourist attractions. Encourage your child to write descriptions of the places you visited and tell stories about your family’s escapades. Or suggest a scrapbook on your child’s favorite sports team or a chronicle of his year in school. The scrapbook might contain photos with captions, newspaper clippings or school mementos.

Teach kids to cookwith the step-by-step lessons and recipes at Cooking With Kids. The site also includes measurement reminders, safety tips, and suggestions for involving kids in the cooking process. Or check out your local library or book store for one of the recommended Heritage Cooking for Kids: Taste History books and try out recipes from Colonial days, the Civil War, and the Lewis and Clark expedition

Put on a show!— Music, art, and theater are proven to help foster well-rounded learners. Encourage kids to write their own play or musical, design sets, and perform for friends and family. If your child likes visual arts like painting and drawing, turn the living room into a gallery and host an opening reception. And be sure to take advantage of local children’s theaters and art museums.

And every— Summer break is a great time to visit your local library. Reading stimulates children’s minds – opening doors to imaginary worlds and providing a view into places children may never have the opportunity to see firsthand. Encourage your children to start a book club with their friends. This is a great way for children to practice interpreting what they read as well as promote their public speaking skills.

Take a learning “stay-cation”— A trip to a local museum, zoo, or pool can become a mini-field trip. Visit places that offer children’s activities, like being "art detectives" or "geologists for a day." Make a scavenger hunt for your outing. For example, at a museum ask your children to "find three sculptures" or "find a painting of a child." When you return home, encourage your children to write about their day.

Get moving and get healthy. Turn off the TV, computer and video games (or at least put limits on screen time) and keep your kids moving with physical activities that also encourage learning. For example, organize a scavenger hunt that leads them around a local playground, park or museum

See free or cheap kids’ movies.Many movie theater chains, including Regal, Cinemark, Cobb and Harkins, show free or cheap kids’ films on weekday mornings during the summer. Get there early if you want a seat. Many cities and towns have free outdoor film festivals, and your local library may also show kids’ movies.

Go bowling. Bowling lanes nationwide offer free bowling for kids in summer, though required shoe rental is usually extra. Most participating lanes permit two free games daily for registered families, but bowling times and other rules can vary. Hundreds of lanes across the country participate in the Kids Bowl Free program, and AMF also has a free summer kids bowling program. Check with your local lanes to see if they’re part of either program. 

Go to Camp or Class

Apple Retail Store Camp – Last year my kids learned how to make a movie at camp, and they loved it.

Free Family Workshops at Bass Pro Shops

Free Lowe’s Build & Grow Kids Clinics

Home Depot’s Free Kids Workshops find more info at

Free Kids Activities at  Pottery Barn Kids Stores

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